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The Bauer Vapor 1X composite hockey stick is locked and loaded with all new technologies to surely increase your odds of putting the puck in the back of the net. 

The low kick point design is what separates the Vapor from the Supreme stick families. Bauer promises that the Vapor 1X will load 20% faster than the APX2, and unload 28% faster to snap that wrist shot off the blade quicker than ever before, but can still handle the harder slap shots. The QRT (Quick Release Taper) technology is an aggressive taper design, which makes it ideal for the player whose game is puck handling and quick release shots.

An expanded throat on the blade profile reduces the twisting or opening of the blade while taking a shot. This means improved blade control, resulting in greater shooting accuracy.

The Vapor 1X also features the new Aero-Sense 2 Blade. Thanks to the dual density foam core construction, the blade is lightweight and balanced, and reduces puck bounces on passes and makes stick-handling the puck a dream. Like the Vapor APX and APX2 hockey sticks, the blade maintains strong torsional stability to deliver that quick release.

The Micor Feel 2 Shaft’s rounded corners and double concave shaft walls give a nice tapered feel; combined with the monocomp single molded design, you get a shaft that is light and very balanced with no excess material. Exclusive to Bauer Hockey and found only on the Vapor 1X is the new TeXtreme ultra lightweight carbon fiber that is 20% lighter than convention carbon materials. As well, Bauer’s proprietary resin system called eLASTech, helps reduce the spread of micro-fractures caused by slashes and puck impacts, making the stick more durable.


  • Aero-Sense II blade core
  • QRT taper technology (SR & INT only)
  • eLASTech technology (SR & INT only)
  • Monocomp technology
  • Pure Shot blade profile
  • Lightweight Silver TeXtreme® construction
  • Micro Feel II shaft dimension
  • Double concave walls
  • Matte blade with texture